Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good Time to Get Training

Wellington Cycling Club in conjunction with Cyclesport Victoria have scheduled the 2012 Stratford to Dargo race on November 17th 2012.

So if you haven't got your calendar marked out already, you have 193 days or a little over 6 months to get organised and believe me (and I have it from the mouth of MANY who have ridden this gruelling event), between now and then you need to:-

- Get Fit
- Make sure you have the right Gearing on your bike
- Make sure you have enlisted a support crew or at least a driver to get you back to Stratford

Good luck and keep your eyes here for any updates about the race.

If you submit your email address (over on the LHS of this page), you will receive an email when new information is added to this site.......all the latest news.

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